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【大角星人】《到达你们的终点》 [此博文包含图片] (2014-09-10 21:41:47)  

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Dear Ones, we are the Arcturians,






It is time now to recover from your ailments of the last Thousands ofyears, Beloved earth humans! We are observing with joy that many of you startedto understand the signs of this time and woke up, especially to the servicethey originally have incarnated for at this time on earth.






Many of you are now suddenly recognizing and understanding what the deepermeaning of your presence on Gaia is, — and this is mostly a surprise butcarries also a lot of satisfaction.






Naturally, your soul and heart are now finally able to fully participatein life, which has been for many of you very difficult, because you could notfind any real meaning in your lifes, other than purify yourselves to come to aspiritual understanding of existence and of your own nature.






Now to understand, that this process was the very meaning of your lifebecause it was needed to purify the deep densities of earth, which you helpedwith the purification and spiritualizing process of your own body-minds, is extremelyliberating for you and you experience to be profoundly energized.






Therefore this time now has in some sense become a celebration for you,although the situation on earth has not yet officially recovered to love andpeace which is the original characteristic of humanity.


因此,现在从某种程度上是庆祝的时间了,尽管表面上看起来地球还没有回复到人类真正的特征– 爱和平静。




When we made the first time contact with some of you, many years ago inthe 70s, our contactees were still living in an environment with people whowere utterly unaware of other galactic civilizations and planets who, as awhole, lived and practiced together in their societies spiritual life. Theyknew that the Divine Source Energy is Love and that all existence isoriginating from It.






Now, only after 40 years on your planet, this situation has changedprofoundly. More and more people on earth are aware of this truth and spreadingit among others. Your planet Earth is even now on a point in your history whereShe will go through a transformation of a greatness and uniqueness, that neverbefore happened.






Many more of you started to communicate with us, some of them can see us,many of you are in telepathic contact with us and more and more can feel thehigh vibration of our light bodies.






This is magnificent and such quickening of your evolutionary process isastounding and without comparison!






Dear earth humans, and now you have arrived at a point in your historywhere you will make the greatest leap you ever have encountered!






Of course, it is not new for you, that on 11.11.11 massive new energieswill be activated which can catapult you into higher dimensions.






But for this to happen, you must be able to be in a disposition of anenergetic “expectancy”. Your heart must be able to reach out and anticipatethis great flux of new energy and light to flow  into your own energeticsystem. When this happens, you will be able to jump in your consciousness andunderstanding into a completely new dimension of experience. You might havevisited these places where you are going now to arrive before, but it makes adifference whether you visited only or whether you arrive at a place for good,dear ones!


但是为了让它发生,你们必须想办法在一种主动的“期望”状态你们的心必须有办法延伸,并且期望这新的能量和光的 流入,流入到你们自己的能量系统中。当它发生的时候,你们会有办法在你们的意识和理解中跳跃,跳跃到一个全新的空间维度体验。也许你们曾经体验过这些你们 将要到达的地方,但是,参观过和亲自体验过是两种不同的感觉,亲爱的朋友们!




When you arrive for good, this can mean many things, depending on yoursoul contract, but also depending on your level of preparedness. It might bethat, once arrrived, you will not ‘return’ to the 3 dimensional world and thatyou will just drop your  physical body. Only in the case that yourfrequency is of the highest light, a physical body of your nature can bedissolved directly into light. But this will be very rare as this requires thatyou have already accomplished  a very high spiritual realization.


当你们“到达”,这意味着很多,取决于你们灵魂的契约同时也取决于你们准备的程度。有可能,你们一旦到达那,你们 就要丢弃你们的物理身体,就无法回到三维世界。只有你们的频率是由最高程度的光组成的,一个物理身体才会直接溶解在光中。但是这种情况是非常稀少,因为这 需要你们已经到达非常高的灵魂状态。




So most of you who are able to maintain their place in the higherdimensions, will be able – through their newly awakened multidimensionality –to stay with their physical body simultaneously in the 3th dimension, wherebytheir bodies will be transformed  and assume a crystalline structure. Thiscan happen very quickly but could perhaps  be physically difficult forsome, because of the adaptation of their body to their new frequency and at thesame time, the hightened sensitivity to the lower vibration of the 3thdimension.


所以,对于你们大部分能够保持在高维度空间的人来说,将会有办法–通过他们新觉醒的多维度空间的能力– 在精神到达高维度空间的同时,又可以呆在他们物理身体内他们的身体将会变成晶状结构。这会很快地发生,但是有可能对你们中的一些人有些困难。因为适应在新频率下的身体的同时,会加强他们对三维空间低纬度的敏感性。




However, as this process also implies that their new crystalline bodies can take on and hold significantly more light, that they do nothave to suffer, as they did before in their old carbon based body, in the midstof lower and denser energies.






Bottom line is, that none of you has experienced this uniquetransformation and there will be people who do not experience any problems andwho will have a very easy transition into their new body- and frequency-system,while others, depending on their history of perception and experience, mighthave to struggle in the beginning. But this will not last for long. For all theadaptation will be successful in a short time.






Those who do not arrive for good in the higher dimensions,  mightexperience them perhaps relatively shortly, and then, as they are not prepared,to stay there, come back, holding this new experience in their memory. But someof them will be able to visit these new  and higher dimensional placesmore and more often, until they adapted to it in consciousness and in theirenergy system, so that they can stay there permanently. In some cases they willdrop their body too, or live from then on multidimensionally, depending wheretheir service is.


对于那些没有准备好在高维度空间待着的人们,他们有可能经历相对短的时间,然后,因为他们没有准备好呆在那,会很 快回来,把这些新的经验保持在记忆中。但是他们中的一些人有可能有办法更频繁地经历这新的更高维度的空间,直到他们在意识上和能量系统中适应了他们,这样 他们就可以永久性地呆在那里了。在某些情况中,他们也会丢下他们的身体,或者从那个时刻开始,按照他们的意愿,过着多维度空间的生活。




The experience of this whole process has many different varieties, as eachhuman being is unique, but there will be of course people with similar oridentical experiences. They will find each other and join in groups together,as their soul level and spiritual experience is similar and these groups belongto soul families. Drawn to each other as a soul family, they will do theirservice to help humanity to ascend in due course of the year 2012 andthereafter.






Dear Ones, you are now at the threshold of your great adventure in yourhistory, where there is no return to your old way of life. From now you willjump in big leaps along your ascension path. And you will leave behind yourlife of difficulties and suffering, as Mother Earth and Her new energies willcarry and transport you to new and never before experienced shores  whereall your heart desires are fulfilled.


亲爱的朋友们,你们现在正处在你们历史性伟大的探险旅程的门口,在这里,你们将无法回到旧的生活从现在开始你们 将会在你们的提升道路上经历一次巨大的飞跃。你们将会把生活中的苦难和遭遇抛在脑后因为地球母亲和她的新能量将会将你们带到一个新的从来没有经历过的地 方,在那里,你们心中的渴望会被满足。




We know that most of you who came to Mother Earth for service, were neverable during their incarnation in these times, to just rest and to 'enjoy' lifeas many other of their human fellows did and even lived for, because you alwaysfelt a huge weight on your shoulders, knowing, you had to do something important,but mostly not knowing, what it was. Now you can understand, but you will alsostart to experience —perhaps for many the very first time— the true joy ofundisturbed mere being, as you have arrived at your destination and as this will be, in your new experience, the means, to assist your humanfamily to ascend in the coming months and – perhaps years.


我们知道,对很多来到地球母亲身边来服务的灵魂,在这段时间从来没办法休息,或者像其他人那样“欣赏”生命,因为 你们总感觉有巨大的重担在你们肩上,你们知道,有重要的事情等待着你们完成,但是又不知道是什么。现在你们可以理解,你们也将要去体验(有可能对你们中的 很多人是第一次)感受“真实”过程所带给你们的真正的快乐。因为你们已经到达了你们的目的地,而这将意味着,你们马上要有的新体验帮助你们人类家人在接 下来的几个月,或者几年中提升的体验。




There is no exact and accurate ‘time frame’ we can tell, because there aremany unknown factors, as each human being follows their own unique process andlearning curve. But we can tell that the great shift is already on its way - ina mighty and powerful way. And ultimately, it will never end, because all isalways on their path of evolution and expansion in the Heart of God.






Be well and be Blessed, dear ones!




We are your family in the Consciousness of the Cosmic Christ.




We are the Arcturians!




Message received by Ute


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