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【银河联邦】【sheldan nidle】2014年9月9日 更新 [此博文包含图片] (2014-09-11 07:44:37)  

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【银河联邦】【sheldan nidle】2014年9月9日 更新

Sheldan Nidle 2014年9月9日 更新


立即前進 !



4 Manik, 5 Zip, 11 Ik




Selamat Jalwa! We return with much to say! Your various programs to bring you prosperity are here! Now you need to better understand what is happening to each of you. Fundamentally, your bodies are transforming and being made ready for your final changes which are to transform you into fully conscious Beings of Light. This transformation is taking place in stages, in a way which enables your body to adjust. At times, these adjustments are difficult for you. These so-called ascension symptoms are things that all of you are feeling. You may experience a strange heartbeat or more fatigue than usual after some strenuous exercise. The severity of what you encounter is pre-determined by Heaven through the agendas given your many body guardians. You agreed to these agendas before you were embodied on this Earth plane. Strict instructions were given to our medical teams as to how to report each individual’s vital spiritual, mental, emotional and physical signs. These measurements help us to daily reconfigure your personal crystal light chamber.




Selamat Jalwa! (Be in Everlasting Joy!) 天狼星语,处在永恒的喜悦中!我们回来了,有许多事情要说!要给你们带来繁荣的各个项目已经在这了!现在,你们需要更好地理解你们每一个人身上正发生着什 么。从根本上来说,你们的身体正在发生转变,并为将你们转变成全意识光之存有的最终变化做好准备。这个转变是分阶段进行的,以一个使你们身体可以调整适应 的方式进行。有时,这些调整对你们来说有些艰难。这些所谓的扬升症状就是现在你们所有人所正感觉到的事情。你们也许经历到一种奇怪的心跳或 者经历到比以往在激烈的运动之后还要疲劳。你们所遇到的严重程度是天堂通过给予你们许多(身体)守护天使的议程所预先确定的。在你们化身到这个地球层面之 前你们同意了这些议程。有关如何汇报每一个个体的至关重要的灵性的、心智的、情绪的以及物理的(症状)迹象的严格指导已经被给予我们的医疗团队。这些措施 帮助我们每天重新配置你们的个人光之水晶疗愈室。




   First contact needs to happen in divine time. Until then, our liaisons constantly check those who are so diligently and wonderfully providing the means to change your realm from dark to Light. This process has taken a very long time. It was greatly accelerated by the Anchara Alliance’s sudden turnabout forged by specific decrees from the Anchara continuum. These decrees dovetailed with the ancient prophecies of Archangel Michael for this galaxy. We are now busy merging our fleets and bringing in new members from the star nations formed when the various dark star empires of Anchara dissolved. These new nations deeply desire to obtain Light Bodies and learn how to use them to ascend. One of your future duties is to aid our associates in the Galactic Federation, to teach them these special gifts. Your wisdom and knowledge on these matters is to be especially helpful in permitting these new star nations to learn these skills.




第一次接触需要在神圣时间里发生。在那之前,我们的盟友会不断与那些如此勤奋如此精彩地提供 手段来将你们的领域从黑暗转变成光的人们核对情况。这个过程已经花了非常长的时间。这个过程因安查拉联盟的突然倒戈而极大加速,这倒戈是由安查拉连续体所 颁布的特殊法令所造就的。这些法令与大天使迈克尔为这个银河系的古老预言而吻合。我们现在正忙于融合我们的舰队,并引进来自星际国度的新成员,这星际国度 是当安查拉联盟的各个黑暗帝国解体时所形成的。这些新星际国度深深地渴望获得光体,并学习如何使用光体来扬升。你们的未来任务之一就是协助我们在银河联邦 中的代表,来教导这些特殊的礼物。你们的在这些事情上的智慧和礼物将会在使这些新星际国度可以学习这些技能方面极其有帮助的。




   As we work toward the moment for first contact, we are preparing knowledge for future landing sites and pairing each of our mentors with you. The actual mentoring operation is quite complex and requires your full cooperation. Each of you needs to look inside deeply and graciously release the inner “demons” that you have acquired since birth. Hence, each mentor needs to be allowed to work with you to attack and then release these numerous “demons.” The Anunnaki, once they were given a degree of control over you, began to work upon your fears in order to better manage you. Overall, surface humanity carries with it a legacy of these initial “terror traps” imposed upon you by the Anunnaki, as well as new traps imposed upon you by your ancestors’ intergenerational experiences. These further add to, and make more complex, the initial terrors first conceived by the Anunnaki. All of this and much more are to be transformed and released by our mentors.




随着我们为朝着第一次接触的那一刻努力工作着,我们正为未来降落地点以及将我们每一个导师和你们组对而准备着相关知识。实际的指导行动将会是非常复杂的,并需要你们的全面合作。你们每一个人需要深深地看向内在并优雅地释放内在的“魔鬼”, 这些“魔鬼”是你们自从出生以来就获得的。曾经,阿努纳奇被给予了对你们的某种程度的控制权,他们开始在你们的恐惧基础上工作以更好地控制你们。总的来 说,地表人类携带着这些最初由阿努纳奇强加给你们的“恐怖陷阱”以及由你们祖先的一代一代的经历强加给你们的新陷阱的遗产。这些进一步加进来的新陷阱使得 最终阿努纳奇所欺骗的最初恐怖变得更加复杂。所有这一切还有更多的事情将会被我们的导师所转化和释放。




   What is immediately ahead for you is prosperity and the rise of new governance. Two months after this happens, disclosure is to occur. We fully expect that this announcement is to lead to ours. At this same moment, we are to see the first lessons from your Ascended Masters. These lessons are set to ready you for the many new and startling facts you need to know. The Anunnaki began their time with you by inventing a highly misleading and manipulative origin story. This was done so they could announce to you that they were creator gods. The Anunnaki were then able to do outrageous things to maintain this control. These stories need to be replaced by Truth. You need to take back your power and freely and righteously correct the horrors of the past. Then you can be free to accept us. We come merely as representatives of your ancestors. We come to gift you with full consciousness and with the opportunity to resume your special position in this galaxy!








   Blessings! We are your Ascended Masters! We come in peace and joy! Everywhere on this globe our associates are preparing the way for your prosperity, freedom and for the reacquiring of your blessed personal sovereignty. There are three sacred networks set up for these divine purposes. The first is to assure you your prosperity. The second concerns the return to common law and the third is making it possible for new governance to appear. The present financial system, with its illegal payouts to legislators and to the various departments of government, is ideally suited for special interests and a vast abuse of power. This runs counter to what Heaven desires for you. Another ill is the vast misrepresentation of law. This creates a set of moralities that also runs counter to your everyday best interests. Heaven desires to transform all of this and provide a secure environment for all.




祝福,我们是你们的扬升大师!我们在平静和喜悦中到来!在这个世界的每一个地方,我们的代表都在为你们的繁荣、自由以及获得你们受祝福的个人神圣主权做准备。这是三个神圣网络为这些神圣目的而建立。第一个是确保你们的繁荣。第二个关于回归基本法则common law),第三个是使新政府出现成为可能。当前这个金融体系,向立法者以及政府的各个部门非法的支出,这个金 融非常理想地适合于特殊利益者以及极大地滥用权力者。这相悖于天堂为你们所渴望的事情运行着。另一个不合理的地方是对法律歪曲。这也制造了一系列相悖于你 们日常最高利益的品行。天堂渴望转化所有这一切,并为所有人提供一个无忧无虑的环境。




   The Creator gave sacred rights to you, and these blessed gifts require a reality which can honor them. This is why our associates forged two of these sacred networks. A fair, common law needs once again to be the way of true justice in your lands. Each individual needs to know that a true legal morality exists. Tied into this is the rise of a vast multilevel house-cleaning of governance. Laws similar to NESARA were initiated to set up the prototype for such actions. Prosperity can be made permanent only if government is truly fair and reasonable for all. This can only happen if these blessings make possible a complete house-cleaning. It is vital to switch governance from war and competitiveness to peaceful orientation and willingness to be cooperative with all. In this environment our lessons can take hold and lead to a truly divine transformation.




造物主给予你们神圣的权力,这些受祝福的礼物需要一个荣耀它们的现实。这是为什么我们的代表打造这两个神圣 网络。一个公平的基本法则需再次成为你们手中的真正正义的方式。每一个个体都需要知道,一个真正的合法的道德是存在的。与此相联系的是一个非常广泛的多层 次的对政府的打扫清理的出现。类似于NESARA的法则被启动来 为这样的行动建立原型。只有在政府是真正对所有人公平和合理时,繁荣才能成为永久的。只有在这些祝福使得全面的(对政府)清理变成可能。将政府从战争和竞 争性的切换到以和平为取向的并愿意与所有人合作的政府是至关重要的。在这个环境中,我们的课程可以生根并通向真正的神圣转变。




   Finally, there is the important matter of funneling funds to you that were either illegally taken in the past or stemmed from a vast acquired stream of abundance. These funds are in excellent hands and are to be distributed to all. The present system of limitations and lack really run counter to what has been decreed for everyone in this reality. You are special children of Heaven and the time comes to liberate you from lack and give you the tools to achieve you dearest dreams. It is time to end the old power structure’s “rat race”, which kept you in a hole, unable to achieve your deepest desires. We Ascended Masters have spent millennia keeping you tied to morality and Heaven. This is now to be expanded in a way that allows you to know about and achieve your true goals. A special time for all has at last arrived! Hosanna! Hosanna! Hosanna!








   Today, we continued our weekly message to you. As you can see, important progress is being made that is assuring you your prosperity and your freedom. Stay focused on these goals and watch some wonderful events happen before you! Do this all in Love and in Joy! Know, dear Ones, that the countless Supply and never-ending Prosperity of Heaven are indeed Yours! So Be It! Selamat Gajun! Selamat Ja! (Sirian for Be One! and Be in Joy!)




今天,我们继续了我们给你们的每周的消息。像你们可以看到的那样,重要的进展正在取得,这些进展确保你们的 繁荣和自由。保持将焦点放在这些目标上并观看一些奇妙的事件在你们眼前发生!在爱和喜悦中做这一切!亲爱的人们,要知道天堂数不尽的供应和永无止境的繁荣 确实是你们的!去这样成为它!Selamat GajunSelamat Ja!(天狼星语,成为一!处于喜悦中!)






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