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【昴宿星高级议会信息】《所有的一切正在被引向美妙的终点》 [此博文包含图片] (2014-09-12 22:36:22)  

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The unraveling of the old paradigm is occurring all around you. Ifone could view events from an outward and slightly detached perspective, onewould see that there have in fact been many major events and breakthroughs thathave served to further secure the inevitable victory for the Light that is athand. Even many revelations that have come to the fore, that have made theirway to the public’s ears have opened the bottle for the genie to escape; forall to know the truth.




    旧 的世界正在崩溃,这证据正发生在你们每个人的身边。如果你们可以从所处的环境中脱离,从一种外部的角度看,你们会发现很多非常重要的事件正在发生,而这一 切都在服务于这就在手边的,注定的光的胜利。尽管之前很多频道已经以他们的方式,尝试着为那些所有知道真实的人们打开了被黑暗势力封印的大门。



As you are informed more about the developments taking place and as you areinformed of the manners in which the cabals have operated on your world for sovery long, your access to and knowing of this information will cause ripples inthe collective consciousness. These ripples start out small with your intent todiscover the ways in which your world has been slowly tricked into nearslavery. As you begin to learn about matters such as these, that ripple willbegin to affect other souls in your collective consciousness, and they in turnwill also begin to learn and be exposed to these facts about the way your worldhas operated.




    随 着你们被越来越多地告知事件的发展情况,随着你们对黑暗势力如此长时间以来对你们世界的恶行的了解,你们对这些信息的了解会在整个人类的集体意识中产生涟 漪效应。这些涟漪开始于你们想探索你们的世界如何被欺骗进而被奴役的渴望。随着你们对这些知识的了解,你们思维所产生的涟漪会影响处在你们集体意识中的其 他人,继而他们也会开始学习并了解那些被揭露的你们世界运作的方式。



It causes a revolution of knowledge, of true knowing and understanding. Atpresent you see that your world is in a state of near chaos; many problems arerunning rampant that your leaders seem to find no solution to. Many of you whoare awakened have the benefit of knowing that despite what is currentlyhappening on your world, matters are being lead to a peaceful conclusion, aconclusion of ascension. What you are now seeing is again, the unraveling ofthe old as the energies of the new sweep through your world, turning coal intodiamonds, so to speak.




    这 些理解会产生知识,真知和理解的革命。目前你们看到你们的世界正在频临混乱的边缘。各种看似令你们领导人手足无策的问题不断出现。你们中很多已经醒来的人 会知道,尽管目前的世界看似如此混乱,所有的一切正在被引导向一个和平的结局:提升的结局。你们现在正看到的是,新世界在地球上的成长所引起的旧世界的崩 溃,可以说,是从煤炭变为钻石的过程。




Many long-sought events have been put in place, and again you areseeing the proof of this everywhere. You will have noticed that the number ofsouls who are genuinely channeling us or otherwise performing work for theLight is growing exponentially. We have made personal and telepathic contactwith nearly every member of our Ground Crew, and the various otherorganizations for the Light who are working in the best interests of Earth havebegun contact with their Ground Crew members. An open dialogue is beginning tobe exchanged between us up here on the Motherships and many of you down therewho have incarnated in these end times to serve the exact purpose you areserving now.




    很 多经过长时间准备的事件已经就位,再一次,你们会在世界的各个角落看到这些事件将要发生的证明。你们会注意到,和我们通灵的灵魂们,以及为光而工作的人们 正在呈几何级数的增加。我们已经和几乎地面上每个工作人员都进行了面对面或者电磁途径的交流,很多为地球而奋斗的其他光之组织也开始和他们的地面工作人员 联系。一个公开的对话体系正在我们在天空的母舰和降生在地面的光之服务者之间展开。




Our Ground Crew on Earth consists of many of the most pure-heartedand resilient of souls, as only souls who can truly handle the densities ofEarth are granted the experience of existing upon Her surface. Many of you areMasters currently incarnate on Earth, who even as of yet have yet to discoveryour true powers, your true potential for Creating and existing in Harmony. Youare all at present fully immersed in your, at times quite difficult ascensionprocesses while fulfilling your various roles for the Light in which youincarnated on this world to perform.




    我 们地面工作者由很多心地纯洁且有很强韧性的灵魂们组成,因为只有那些可以真正能应付地面的高密度恶劣环境的人们才会被授予生活在地球表面的光荣任务。现在 降生在地球上的很多人都曾是光之大师,他们就在你们中间,很多人甚至到现在为止还没有发现自己真正的力量,创造并生存在和谐环境的力量。你们目前都在专注 于降生于这颗星球所扮演的角色,尽管这些角色随着提升过程的变化会发生巨大变化。




As we have established a clear, steady and concise method ofcommunication with the many of you who are a part of our Ground Crew (and thereare many more on our Ground Crew incarnate than just the souls who arechanneling our energies) we have established a clear line of connection for ourenergies to come to Earth. Of course, we are hanging in your sky, at timescloaked and at times disguised as something you would be used to seeing in yourskies, and while [we are] around we do much cleaning work in Gaia’s atmosphere.




    随 着我们和地面工作人员之间清晰,稳定,且精确的新交流方式的建立,我们已经建立了将我们的能量导入地球的通道(从事通灵工作的地面员工仅占地面工作员工整 体的一小部分)。当然,我们还在你们的天空徘徊,有时候我们将自己躲藏起来,有时候我们将自己伪装成你们天空中习以为常的事物,徘徊在天空的过程中,我们 进行着大量清理盖亚大气层的工作。




Many of you have begun to notice the rapid disintegration ofchemtrails as soon as they are being sprayed, as we have been performing thiswork in many areas for quite some time now. Indeed, there are a few areas thatwe have not yet been able to intervene and stop the spraying and expanding ofchemtrails in, and this is because we are only able to work with the collectiveenergy manifested in the area we wish to provide aide to. As manyincarnate awakening souls on Gaia are discovering the Violet flame and theirability to bring through themselves vast amounts of pure, wonderful-feelingenergy, in the areas that such souls are performing such work, we are able touse that energy manifested and brought through, to noticeably spray [themanifested energy] in your skies as a foggy, cloud-like white ray of energy inwhich many of you are visibly seeing and watching the break-up anddisintegration of the usually criss-crossed chemtrails.




    你 们中的很多人开始注意到在一些地区中。一些被撒在大气中的化学原料会迅速腐蚀。这是因为我们已经在这些地区从事清理工作很长时间了。实际上有一段时间我们 没办法介入并阻止这些化学原料在你们大气中的释放,这是因为我们只能和那些集体能量表示愿意接受我们帮助的地区进行这些工作。随着很多降生在盖亚表面的灵 魂的苏醒,我们在盖亚中看到了由他们带来的紫色火焰,这是大量纯洁的,给人带来美妙感觉的能量。在这些灵魂可以释放紫色能量的区域,我们可以运用这些能量 清理你们的大气,从外表上看,你们的大气像是充满了云或雾一样的白色光能量,你们通常会在清晨看到它们,这些能量会使那些通常以纹理纵横交错方式构成的化 学物迅速分解。




In due time, we will be able to perform this work in every area ofGaia’s sky and atmosphere, though for the time being we must work with thecollective energy and with the boundaries that you on Earth manifest. We do notwish to be seen as intervening in your affairs, which is why we have left somuch of this job up to you on Earth. It is after all, your ascension! We aresimply aiding and giving of our Hearts to you dear souls who so dearly deserveto once again feel what it is like here in the heavenly realms; no conflict, nowars, no environmental or otherwise destruction, just pure Love, Harmony andJoy, bliss and many other Heavenly feelings that truly cannot be described inall of their bounty and glory with Earthly words.




    在 合适的时间,我们会有办法在盖亚的天空和大气的每个角落进行这样的工作,尽管目前我们必须受到地球上所表现出的界限的限制,必须运用集体能量才能完成这些 工作。我们不希望被认为介入你们的事务,这也是为什么我们已经留下了大量的工作等待你们将来完成。毕竟,这是你们的提升!我们来到这里仅仅为了帮助你们, 并且将我们心传递给那些如此期望能重新感受到天堂领域的人们,没有冲突,没有战争,没有环境污染,只有纯洁的爱,和谐,快乐和深深的祝福的领域。介于语言 的表述能力的限制,在天堂中的很多感觉无法用地球上的语言描述出来。




As you have expressed the desire to move up on the dimensional scaleand expand your consciousness as well as break away from the grip of the eliteon your world who have been running things, higher forces of the Logos energythat is you, which is us and the infinite other angelic souls who are helpingEarth at this time; we all respond as a Loving and energetic connection. Youare naturally drawn at some eventual point to higher realms and levels ofconsciousness, the same way your bodies are naturally growing, aging andexperiencing. You are experiencing Life!




    当 你们表现出走向高维度空间的期望的时候,当你们愿意扩张你们的意识,并且从愿意从控制你们日常事务的腐败精英的手中脱离的时候,来自我们以及无穷的来自天 使领域愿意在这里帮助地球的人们会在这里以爱和能量的连接做出回应。你们正处在更高领域以及更广意识层面的边界,你们的身体会以相同的方式成长,体验。你 们正在体验真正的生活!




Many more on your world are awakening at a rapid pace. The number ofawakening souls on Gaia’s surface was already increasing exponentially by theturn of your [latest] century, and since then there is not nearly a soul who isnot aware on some level or another of the matters occurring on Earth and theirimportance. In fact, so very many of you have awakened to much, much more thanthe existence of the various secret families on your world who have keptcontrol and influence.




    你 们世界中的很多人正在以非常快的速度觉醒。自从上个世纪结束以来,在盖亚表面觉醒的灵魂们正在以指数形式迅速增多,从那个时刻开始,几乎每个灵魂都从不同 程度上感受到有重要的事情会发生在地球表面。事实上,你们中觉醒的人数量是如此众多,远远多于控制并影响着你们的黑暗家族。




For many of you, those revelations as well as interactions withEarthly things which helped to expand your perspective but at a certain pointcease to help you experience the higher realms that you are already beginningto experience; these things have expanded your knowledge further, to the existenceof realms and lands much more pure and heavenly than the realm you currentlyexist with. For many of you, the revelation that there is in fact consciousnessafter death has brought you to all of the other truths and feelings about Lifeand spirituality.




    对 于你们中的很多人,参与扩展你们的视野,接触和参与地球事务会进一步帮助你们已经开始体验的高维度领域,这些事务已经进一步扩展了你们的知识,帮助你们锚 固比你们目前世界频率高得多的纯洁的天堂的能量。你们中的很多人,已经开始了解肉体死亡后会面对另一种真实,会以灵魂的方式感受生活。




Many of you also have again, been lead to this knowledge throughexposure to information of an Illuminati- type nature. There are infiniteamounts of ways in which so very many of you have awakened, and your awakeningand accelerating ascension processes on Gaia’s surface is serving to pump upHer grid of Light as well as provide the pure Logos energy needed to help solvemany of the pollution-based issues your world is currently dealing with.






Until our next communication we say to you all, the time is very soon upon youwhere you will need to begin educating those around you about these types ofmatters. Some of you still may operate under the guise of ‘this whole thing maynot be real’ but when faced with the true situation unfolding on Earth, youquickly begin to understand that this is all very real, and your participationand clear effort in these matters is much needed while you are on Earth.




    直 到下次交流之前,我们告诉你们所有人,你们将学到的知识传授给身边的人们的时刻已经非常近了。你们中的一些人可能还在认为“这一切不像是真的”,但是当他 们面对在地球上真正展开的状况。他们会迅速了解。这是非常真实的。在你们仍在地球上的时刻,你们的参与以及为清理做出的努力是非常重要的




In quite a short amount of time our presence among your society fordecades and longer will be disclosed, and this may be a bit of a hectic timefor your world as many truths and revelations come out from under theneatly-tucked and hidden away carpet. There will be much misinformationfloating around during this immediate period ahead, and as such you who areawakening to these truths may choose to uphold the Lighted responsibility ofletting those around you know all that you know, of course only if they aretruly open to hear it.




    很 快,我们已经存在于你们的世界数十年的事实会被揭露。你们的世界会经历一段似乎非常慌乱的时期,因为很多被精心隐藏起来的事实突然被公布于天下。在之后的 很短暂时间,会有很多误导信息遍布在你们的社会中,作为觉醒者的你们要负担起告诉周围人你们所知道的一切的重任,当然,前提是他们愿意敞开自己的心听从你 们的知识




The most important aspect of what is told, is to remind those aroundyou that despite the chaos and hectic nature of the period ahead, all is beinglead toward a final wondrous conclusion that shall lead to your freedom as aplanet and your access to many technologies that at present seem like nearscience-fiction. If you can help to keep the energy stable and balanced aroundyour area, it will have monumental benefits for the Light in this challengingyet exciting time ahead.



    最 重要的一点。请记住,尽管你们很快会面对混乱以及非常慌乱的时刻,所有的一切都在被引导向一个美妙的结束,那结束会将你们的母星引向自由,也会给你们带来 以目前的眼光看像科幻小说般的科技。在此之前,请你们保持自己以及你们周围区域的能量的稳定,这会是对即将到来的光之工作的巨大贡献。




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