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【银河联邦】【SaLuSa】2014年9月12日信息更新 [此博文包含图片] (2014-09-12 20:25:52)  

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Dear Ones you have such a great potential yet to be revealed, and with careful planning you will gradually find your consciousness expanding. It is all part of your evolutionary plan and is preparing you for full consciousness. However, it is in the future and at the appropriate time you will be helped to achieve such an upliftment. Already there is an awareness of your consciousness growing, and you can take credit for such an advancement as it is you who has applied yourself to your tasks. At the moment there are souls on Earth who are at all different levels of consciousness, and it causes much friction between the different groups. You should not allow yourselves to be distracted by what is going on around you, and concentrate on your own advancement. The days of sacrificing your own development to help others are no longer necessary, as all souls now know where they are going and what is expected of them. The time has arrived when each soul must apply itself to its life plan, doing its best to achieve its goal. Be assured those who lack awareness of what it is, will be assisted to make as much progress as possible.

亲 爱的人们,你们有着还未发掘出的巨大潜能,如果细心的计划你便会逐步的发现自己不断扩展的意识。这全部都是你们进化的部分,为属于你的全意识准备好。不 过,这是在未来,且是在合适的时刻你就会受到帮助获得这样的提高。在你们不断成长的意识中已经存在了一种觉知,同时你能够因这样一种提高倍受称赞,因为对 你们的使命来说这符合着你自身的利益。在这个时刻存在于地球上的那些灵魂都处在不同的意识层次,在不同的团体之间导致了许多的摩擦。你不应该被身边所发生 的事情扭曲自己的心态,而是把精神的焦点集中在自己的提高上牺牲自己的发展去帮助其他人不再需要,因为所有灵魂都知道自己要走向哪里,以及对他们有着何 种期待。这个时刻已经来到--此刻每个灵魂都需要迎合自己的生命计划,以最大的努力达成它的目标。请确信那些对此缺乏认知的人,会在尽可能多的发展上获得 援助。

The Human Race has evolved so rapidly it is hard to believe the advancements that have been made. It seems that the harder the task ahead, the greater is the effort put into achieving success. As we have often pointed out, no soul is asked to do more than they are considered capable of, which is why some who already know their limitations have accepted that Ascension is beyond them in this cycle. All experience does however make a good platform for those aspiring to complete this cycle, by making great strides in their evolution. How other soul’s progress is their own choice although we do encourage them to take every opportunity to raise their vibrations.

人 类种族已经如此快速获得了进化,很难相信这已达成的发展。看起来前方的任务更为艰难,为了获得成功需要付出更多的努力。就如我们经常指出的,没有哪位灵魂 会被要求去做超出自身能力的事情,这也是为何一些灵魂已经了解到他们自身的限制,懂得这次周期的扬升已超出他们的能力之外。对于那些渴求完成这次周期的灵 魂来说,不论如何所有的体验已创造出一个很好的平台,在他们的进化道路上取得了突飞猛进的跨越。但其他灵魂的发展是他们自身的选择,不过我们也确实鼓励他 们抓住每次机会提升自己的振动频率。

You may have noticed that we draw much closer to you, and that is because the time to meet us is drawing nearer. Our craft are now seen more often in your skies, and we have shown for a long time now that we can be present without little fear being experienced by your people. We have never endangered you, although some of your pilots have experienced apprehension when faced by our craft. Be assured we are totally in control of our craft, and with our technology can deal with any situation that may arise that could pose a threat to your safety or indeed ours. We have often helped you out when dangers have threatened you, in such a way that you are rarely aware of our intervention. Sometimes what you call miracles are attributable to our presence but we have first to be sure that we are not interfering with your karma.

你 们也许注意到了--我们已更靠近你们,这是因为与我们之间会面的时刻越来越近。我们的飞船在你们的天空中现在更容易被经常的看到,而且我们已展现自己很长 一段时间,现在能够在不对你们人类造成任何恐惧的情况下出现。我们从未对你们造成任何威胁,虽然你们的一些飞行员在面对我们的飞船时体验过恐惧。请确信我 们完全掌控着自己的飞船,而且在我们科技的帮助下能够处理任何可能对你们或是我们安全有威胁的情况。当有危险威胁到你们的时候,我们经常的帮助你们,以这 样一种让你们很少知道我们有介入过的方式。有时候你们所称之为的奇迹可归结于我们的出现,但我们必须首先确认这不会干扰到你们的业力课程。

There are so many different species living on or in your Earth. The Inner Earth Dwellers have been with you for eons of time, but will meet you in the near future. They are more evolved than you are and have much to offer you. Others also have bases within the Earth and some are placed on the seabed out of your reach. Perhaps the most surprising revelations will be when Humans acknowledge their Space Families, because many souls have that have incarnated on Earth come from other planets. It is all in the interests of the future of the Human Race. Individuals can ascend at any given time, but the whole Human Race only gets such an opportunity at the end of a Solar Cycle that you are now experiencing.

在 你们的地球上或内部存在着许多不同的种族。地心文明的居住者已经陪伴你们亿万年时间,而且会在近未来与你们见面。他们比你们更加的进化,而且有许多可向你 们提供的援助。其他文明也在地球内部有着基地,同时一些坐落在超出你们可触及之外的深海海底。也许最让人激动的事情将会是人类接受他们的星际家人,因为许 多在地球上已转世过很多次的灵魂却是来自其他的星球。这全都是为了人类种族未来的利益。个体可以在任何时刻扬升,但人类种族整体仅获得这样一次机会,在太 阳周期的结束时刻扬升,这就是你们正体验的。

So you will understand that you have entered a very important period, which your future depends on. Many souls are working with you to ensure you achieve your gaol, and we are confident that you will succeed. When you look back, you will marvel at your resilience and intent to move into the higher levels. Be certain and know that your destiny does not lie with the Earth that you are now familiar with. Those of you who prove to be ready will move out of the lower dimension, and leave the old Earth behind. It is time for a new start and to wipe the slate clean, as you are not doomed to stay in the present dimension. You will find it hard to resist the new vibrations coming in, and indeed why should you as your destiny is to return fully to the Light. If you did but know it, you have experienced so many situations that have thoroughly tested you, and finally you come through it as a Being of Light. The physical realms are not your home but have served you well for your experience.

所 以你们会懂得你们已进入到一个十分重要的时期,其中你们的未来依赖于它。许多灵魂为了确保你们目标的达成一直在与你们合作,同时我们对于你们的成功坚信不 移。当你们回首时,你们将对自己的弹性和意图走向更高层次的意志感到惊奇。请肯定并明白,你们的命运与你们现在体验的生活无任何关联。你们中那些已被证明 准备好的人将脱离这个较低维度,并把旧地球留在身后。你会发现很难拒绝这不断进入的全新振动频率,同时作为你们的使命来说注定是回归到完全的光中。如果这 么做了,就请知道这一点,为了彻底测试你你已体验了如此多的情形,最终你通过了它成为了一位光之存有。物质的现实并非是你的家,但为了你的经验已很好的服 务了你。

Fear is your biggest obstacle to evolution, as in such a state your progress is halted and you are vulnerable to the lower vibrations. When confronted with conditions that can bring it out, treat those responsible with love an understanding. Entities’ of the lower vibrations feed off them and that is not what you want them to do. Do not empower them but rather isolate them and take away their power. Is it not interesting to think that in effect by taking no action, you follow the best path available to you. Confrontation and revenge are the actions of those who do not understand karma, and are unaware that every soul is responsible for them. You cannot lie your way out of responsibility for your actions or words. When you pass over and you review your life, you will find that only the truth can remain and it is no good trying to fool anyone. It is not so frightening as you might imagine as those Higher Beings who handle such matters, are all love and not there to admonish or punish you.

恐 惧是你们进化的最大障碍,因为在这样的状态你的发展是停滞的,同时你容易受到低级频率的侵犯。当面临一些触发它的情况时,请带着一种爱的理解去对待那些需 因此负责的人。低级振动频率的实体把它们视为食物,同时这不会是你希望它们获得的。不要给与它们力量,而是相反的孤立它们,拿走它们的力量之源。难道不是 不采取任何实际的行动才真正有利于你,而你也追随了对你来说最好的道路。对抗和报复只是那些完全不了解业力法则的人才会做的事情,而且也不了解每个灵魂都 要为此负责。你不可能因为对自己行为或话语的谎言欺骗就认为可以逃脱它。当你过世的时候,你会回顾自己的生命历程,你会发现在其中只有真相会停留,同时试 图愚弄任何人都是没有好处的。它并非会引起这种令人惊恐的情形,因为你可以想象得到,作为已掌握这些问题的更高存有,全都处于爱中,也不是为了警告或惩罚 你而在那里。

Life on Earth is usually all ups and downs, so please try to understand what lessons are being presented to you. If you do not learn from them, they will keep coming back until you do. That is what life is all about so accept your lot because you will have agreed a life plan. Your task is to learn the lessons presented to you so that you do not have to do them again. That way you will evolve much quicker and lift yourself out of the lower vibrations.

地 球上的生活通常来说全都跌宕起伏,所以请试图理解对你呈现的是什么样的课程。如果你没有从中学到经验,它们就会不断的回归直到你学会为止。这就是生命的全 部,所以请接受你的命运,因为你会有一份已同意的生命计划。你的任务是学会这些呈现给你的课程,以使得你不再必须重新经历它们。这种方式将让你更为迅速的 进化并提升你脱离较低的振动频率。

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, to help you and ensure that you put your energies into those things that are most beneficial to you. You will never regret it as so much is at stake, and you will progress so much faster. Try to remove those things that you recognise as standing in the way of your progress. I leave you with much Love and Light, and thank you for your desire to move further into the Light.  

我 是来自天狼星的SaLuSa,来帮助你们并确保你们把自己的能量付诸于那些能最大化利益你的事情上。你们将永远不会后悔,因为如此多的事情都处在关键时 刻,而且你们将发展得更加快速。请努力尝试移除那些被你识别为阻碍自己道路发展的事物。我带着如此多的爱与光离开你们,并感谢你们更深远走向光中的心愿。


Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey
Tree ofthe Golden Light

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