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【传    导】Kathryn E. May, PsyD and Gabriella

【翻    译】shan-athana

【日    期】20140908


Rose-Colored Glasses: The New Age Trap




"You think of yourselves as humans searching for a spiritual awakening, when in fact you are spiritual beings attempting to cope with a human awakening. Seeing yourselves from the perspective of the spirit within will help you to remember why you came here and what you came here to do."

- The Group





Spiritual people have been given a hard time by their families, their culture, their friends, and often, their partner or spouse. You are used to being insulted, belittled and diminished by the people who look down their noses at you. You have learned to "forgive and forget", and to swallow your rage at being insulted. Often, you have decided to keep those people close to you even though they disrespect you for the most important thing in your life - your Faith.





You have been told you are a weirdo. Unconsciously, you have accepted this is true, and it makes you feel shy about revealing what you have learned while being awake. Does this make sense? It would make more sense to be shy about being ignorant and asleep. Masters are teachers. Many of you have forgotten your innate power, and why you are here.





We are now on the brink of a revolution on Planet Earth - a transition so profound and far-reaching that we will barely recognize ourselves or our way of life. It is a time when many of us will have to choose a bright new path, filled with new people who will become our business partners, friends, co-workers and spouses.





We have been entrusted with financial blessings that will require us to create important new networks to accomplish the great changes we envision. How will you create your Vision if you are afraid to talk about it? Will money really change your willingness to be transparent about your beliefs and who you are in the deepest part of your heart?




我们如何学会对进入我们生命视野中的人 拥有好的辨别力?你是先锋队。只是因为他们会做生意,你就会和那些传统意义上的保守者合作么?如果他们用表扬和协助来奉承你,你会怎样?如果他们看起来充 满爱心、友好和奉献,你会怎样?你怎么知道他们的真实性?可信度?或者是美好的假冒者?

How do we learn to have good judgment about the people we bring into our lives? You are an avant-garde person. Would you go into business with a person who is traditional and conservative just because they are good at business? What if they flatter you with praise and favors?  What if they seem to be loving, kind and giving. How will you know if they are genuine, to be trusted, or just good pretenders?




【害羞是恐惧】Shyness is Fear



Let's call it what it is. Shyness is the result of having been convinced that being yourself will bring on disapproval from others. This creates a dilemma. Do you want their approval or do want your Self? Of course, if you don't love yourself, why would you want to be yourself?





Why is it hard to leave behind the people who don't see you for who you really are, and sometimes mistreat you even though it drives you crazy and leaves you frustrated and angry?





Let's paraphrase an old adage: The thing that irritates you the most in others is the thing you need to work on the most, because it is what you are doing to yourself. You are rejecting and disapproving of yourself, and you have surrounded yourself with people who will agree with you.





How do we get ourselves into such a Black Hole of unworthiness that we are willing to trade our Selves for approval? And how is it that we don't see this obvious trade-off? Where did we learn to shut down so completely that we are blind to the cruelties we inflict on ourselves by allowing others to mistreat us? And even if we did see it, would we leave to save ourselves?




【是战是逃?】The Inert Fight or Flight Response



The natural response we are born with, our fight or flight response, is designed to protect us and to guide us. When you are operating at full power, in the center of your brain, it creates a full-body electrical surge to alert you to danger in your environment, including psychological abuse so that you can go into immediate action to defend yourself.




我们早期描述的自我毁灭的环境是释放你 或战或逃的生理反应结果,保护自己避免感受不断焦虑、心烦意乱、不知所措、不能鉴定引发不快原因的处境。神经病理学的效果是意义重大且普遍的。你的全身感 觉到“紧张”,你的思维一团糟。你感觉无力、凝结,不能实践自我。失明胶着成为生命的方式。

The self-destructive condition we are describing in the earlier sections is the result of having diverted your fight or flight response, from protecting yourself to a state in which you feel constantly anxious, distracted and overwhelmed, unable to identify the true cause of your unhappiness. The neurological effects are profound and pervasive. Your whole body feels "stressed" and your thinking becomes muddled. You feel powerless, frozen, unable to act in your own behalf. Blindness and "stuckness" become a way of life.




持续处于或战或逃状态的肾上腺素反应在 你的神圣系统中制定了活动轨迹,包括你的视觉系统,使你与现实断开连接,而不是让你关掉自己。你一定会感觉到与某种东西断开的感受,你转向大脑的思维和概 念寻求保护,用逃避现实的白日梦“思维”取代了评判和客观原则。这最后成了你是谁的故事,在你的神经体系中自孩童时代开始锻造着。

The state of being in a constant fight-or-flight adrenaline response acks in your neurological system, including your visual system, which disconnects you from  processing reality, and instead allows you to shut down. You then must have something to feel connected to, so you turn to your brain to provide thoughts and concepts, replacing judgment and objectivity with escapist fantasy "thinking." This then becomes the story of who you are, forged in your nervous system since childhood.




【学会无视】Learning to be Blind




Our reasons for denying the truth begin with the first days of life. Children don't want to see ugliness, unkindness or cruelty in their parents and the others around them. We want to love our parents and we want to believe they love us. Our compromises are based on the difficulties we experience in our particular childhoods. Pick your own version of the mind-bending poison:




1. 如果我的父母很残忍,我就麻烦了。如果我承认他们这样会使我陷于困境,那么我就不会停止叫喊。因此,我会无视我看到的一切

If my parents are cruel, I am in trouble. I would never stop crying if I admitted to myself how difficult life is with them; therefore, I will close my eyes to what I see.





My parents have to be good, because I am like them, and I want to be good; therefore they are good.





It's not nice to be angry. I don't get angry (and even if I did get angry, I wouldn't feel it), therefore I'm not a bad person.




4.我父母很可怕,但根本不喜欢他们。我的儿童时代没有影响我,我记不起来了。我把它们全忘在了脑后,它过去了,我谅解了每个人(请阅读“谅解的黑洞https://www.facebook.com/ or www.whoneedslight.org

My parents were terrible, but I'm nothing like them. My childhood didn't affect me. I don't remember it. I have put it all behind me. It was in the past. I forgave everyone. (Read "The Black Hole of Forgiveness" https://www.facebook.com/ or www.whoneedslight.org)





My parents didn't love me. I can't love myself. I am unlovable and unworthy. My life is miserable because no one loves me. I can't conceive that God loves me, even if s/he does love everyone else; s/he has forgotten about me.

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