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【传    导】Kathryn E. May, PsyD and Gabriella

【翻    译】shan-athana

【日    期】20140908





Because childhood truth is so awful for so many of us, we prefer to go off into imagination. We develop an allergic reaction to truth because seeing it and knowing it feels so bad. This leads us to a life of compromise, based on the lies we tell ourselves. Here are a few of the worst ones:





Big Lie #1 If I don't feel it, it isn't there.


这个立场有时候被公认为拒绝This stance is what is sometimes known as denial.





Here are some of the symptoms:





You don't feel your body/intuitive response.




You have spent a lifetime learning not to feel, see or think clearly.




You have become used to "suspending judgment," which leaves you in a state of suspended animation, frozen in place, afraid to move, afraid to not move.





What happens when you feel, see and think clearly? You come to conclusions, you make choices, and you act on them. (Oh, no, not that!)





The old anxiety kicks in, and you use your "head" instead, and this way you can be argued out of anything and you even learn to try to argue others out of their feelings.





When you are truly awake and in alignment with your body, mind, soul, self, you will feel the response to an external event in every cell of your body. You will taste it, you will smell it, you will see it and you will know it. This is what has been called mindfulness, or being in the Zone. It is why we teach Visual Centering. It brings you into alignment with all your sensations, emotions, intuition, and your Higher Self.




谁 愿意接触自己所有的感受和情绪?作为是一个人,这是最困难的部分。这个过程不是为胆小鬼设置的,你一定要学会接受所有的感受,不管它们是什么(如果可能, 请不要采取什么行动)你一定准备好对自己感受到同情、亲切、仁慈。你一定要学会默许你感受到这些事件的这个事实,因为它,你不是坏人。

Who wants to be in touch with ALL their feelings and emotions? This is the difficult part about being human. This process is not for sissies. You must learn to accept and acknowledge ALL feelings, no matter what they are (without acting on them if possible) and you must be prepared to feel compassion, tenderness and sympathy for yourself. You must also learn to tolerate the fact that you feel these things and that you are not a bad person because of it.





No fair beating up on yourself. It takes courage and determination to learn command over your thoughts, feelings and actions. It is an honorable pursuit to learn everything you must know to be free.





Once you accept all feelings and thoughts, and realize that there was a good reason somewhere in your childhood that you feel these things, a mysterious process takes hold, and you discover that the thoughts and feelings which were so problematic begin to melt away.





You can see yourself more clearly - the one who was shaped by the way you were raised - and understand that you, and your parents before you, are not to blame, even though you are responsible for what you do now, just as they were responsible for their actions toward you. When you see yourself in this great chain of responses handed down from the past, you can extract yourself gently, with compassion and humor, and finally forgive yourself (first) and them (second).





Big Lie #2 I need them. They need me. I need my family, or I will be completely alone.




Being "spiritual" (believing in God) means you know you are never alone, therefore you cannot claim to be a truly spiritual person if you are afraid of loneliness.




此 外,作为一个成年人,你不需要你的原生家庭。你可以选择你自己的家庭。你可以选择你的家庭,你选择自己的伴侣、朋友和合伙人。在第二个机遇中,你还选择重 复我悲惨的童年么,或者你会冒险发现新的经历么?你会还选择呆在象个儿童一样的状态中,并相应选择你的人际关系,亦或创造更好的生活,选择真正的友善可爱 的人们,让他们此时围绕着你?

Besides, being an adult, you don't need your original family. You can choose your own family. You choose your partner, your friends, and your associates. In this second chance, are you choosing to repeat My Miserable Childhood or will you be adventurous and find new experiences? Will you stay in that state of feeling like a child and choose your relationships accordingly, or will you create a better life by choosing truly kind and loving people this time around?




当 然,如果你仍在沉睡,你不可能选择改变自己的生活,欺骗自己麻木不仁,拒绝你正在强烈感受到的伤痛。相反,你可以呆在你的地方,忍受低级无尽的痛苦。但这 并不是故事的结局,没有人在沉默中真的在忍受。你通过向自己和他人抱怨引发你痛苦的人来表达自己的悲惨,这些人还保存在你受害人的思维模式中。

But of course, you can't choose to change your life if you are still asleep, lulled into numbness, denying the pain you would feel intensely if you were processing reality. Instead, you may stay where you are, tolerating low-grade suffering with no end in sight. But this isn't the end of the story. No one can really suffer in silence. You express your misery by complaining to yourself and others about the people who cause your suffering. You remain in the thought patterns of a victim.





 Your complaints are the exact reflection of what needs to change. But is it worth it to leave? Is it worth it to stay? How will you choose?





Have you decided that unhappiness is your lot in life? Are you so afraid to be alone that you will compromise yourself for someone who doesn't deserve you? Are you so convinced of your importance in the other person's life that you put them before you? Are you so invested in your fantasy that you will cling to it even if it ruins your life? Are you really convinced that a bad relationship is the best you can do?




以下是我们需要的传令兵音效Thwaak!!! *BAM* Kapow! BoooM! ZONK!!!

Here is where we need Batman sound effects: Thwaak!!! *BAM* Kapow! BoooM! ZONK!!!





AWAKEN!Stop being your worst enemy! Put a stop to abuse in your own life. Dare to see clearly the people around you and what they truly offer you. Change what you think is acceptable. If you find yourself saying, "I would never do that to someone." then why would you allow it to be done to you?





Now that you are awake and ready to choose new people, how will you know who to trust?




【大谎言之三:每个人都是美丽的】Big Lie # 3 Everyone is Beautiful




This fanciful New Age idea sounds lovely, but is it true in everyday life? Of course not.




直 到我们全部扬升进更高次元,否则我们一定要学会区别灵魂和周围化身的人们累积的个性特点的区别。不是每个人通过一种方式都实现了与自己高我的合一,比如能 够控制并对自己的感受、想法和行为负责。有些人仍然绑束在否认、虚伪甚至犯罪当中,所有一切都隐藏在取悦他人的个人信仰中这些是傀儡大师,他们说服自己 和你,认为他们是友善的,充满爱、诚恳,并值得你爱。这就是我们说的被卷入到了黑暗的思想模式当中。

Until we have all ascended to higher dimensions, we must distinguish between the Soul and the accumulated personality traits of the incarnated people around us. Not everyone has achieved unity with their Higher Self in such a way as to take command and responsibility for their feelings, thoughts and actions. Some are tied up in denial, pretense, even criminality, all hidden behind what they believe will please others. These are the Puppet Masters who will try to convince themselves and you that they are kind, loving, genuine and very deserving of your love. This is what it means to be caught up in dark thoughtforms.




How can you tell the difference between authenticity and puppetry? Here we cannot give you a list. You must rely on your own sensitivity and intuition. You can feel it. You will know in the first moments of your encounter whether the person is "all there" or whether they are pretending. There is always a tell-tale emptiness - an echo that reveals the disconnect between Head and Heart.





You do not have to know all the details. Your radar, which we described earlier as think/see/feel/taste/smell/hear will tip you off. Now it is up to you to measure, evaluate and decide whether you want to involve yourself (yet again) with someone who is hiding behind a mask, and has probably already revealed their inclinations toward dishonesty and abusive attitudes.




但 每个人内在都有好的一面,你可以会这样说。所有的灵魂都是造物主的表达,值得给个机会。是的,但机会是什么你真的想代替神之位,爱他们的坏行为,或喜欢 从完全的距离为他们发送爱,而把剩余部分交给神去管?如果一个人需要变得正直,为什么你想担这个工作的风险离他们很近呢?其中有什么等着你?在真正的快乐 中,你是否瞄准了圣徒的地位或机会?

But, there is good in everyone, you might say. All souls are the expression of Creator and deserve a chance. Yes, but a chance at what? Do you really want to take the place of God and try to love them out of their bad behavior, or would you prefer to send them love from a safe distance, and leave the rest to God? If a person needs to change to be decent, why would you want to take on the risky job of getting close to them? What's in it for you? Are you aiming for sainthood, or a chance at real happiness?


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