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【巴巴吉】 20140905 在神恩典的海洋中-第一部分② [此博文包含图片] (2014-09-08 07:54:37)  

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【巴巴吉】 20140905 在神恩典的海洋中-第一部分② [此博文包含图片] (2014-09-08 07:54:37) - 小鹿 - 成长的小鹿 的博客



 通灵:Jahn J Kassl

 翻译:Nick Chan




The New Reality exists!




You are also in the process to continue to change this reality in every moment! Even if this reality still seems to be of little attraction to you, you change this one during every second and for the benefit of this world!




You are the actual builders of the new world, because you create a new world due to your light-filled impulses. For a long time this fact is familiar to you, yet what you tend to underestimate is the fact that you have already succeeded to create a new reality – already for a long time.




Meaning that this virtual reality, which actually still reaches you in this world through different and area-wide manipulation mechanisms, is in a parallel world, which has nothing to do with the new world, which is already anchored in you and in the galaxy.




Imagine a stage and the auditorium.While on the stage, visible to all viewers, the play is being performed; the auditorium is deprived of the fact that behind the stage a new scene is being prepared. And as soon as the curtain is lowered for a moment, in order to be raised again, just like out of nothing a new scene is presented, and visible to all. And this is the instance, wherein the old scene is forgotten.




A lite and very transparent veil separates the two worlds: The light-filled world, which you have already created and only waits to become the sole stage, and from the light-starving world, which now completes the last act on the stage, which it seemed to control.




It is important to understand that you have already created and built the new world and nor yet do you have to create it!




Because your planetary work in this area is done, and this means that you as master-builders have built this new world.




As it has been announced to you, until your eventual transfiguration, there is yet “still much to do”, this means to keep your energy garment clean, to continue your purification work of your Being unimpressed by the “shifts” in time and to remove any energy interfering in a disallowed manner.




Why is this already built world still not visible?Because every illusion is held as long until it is replaced by reality. And in this case it also involves a cosmic event. The “turning of the stage” means the magnetic change of the living Mother of all life, above becomes below and the sun rises in the west.




This moment of God’s Grace makes apparent, what the “Great Ones” and the “Old Souls” have created; let the world resurrect and let you celebrate the arrival in the crystal cities of this and other worlds.




Joy and blessings expect you in these upcoming days.




Thereby we come to the end of this first part of the joyous message, which describes this unique time of Grace for mankind.




The new world is ready, while the old world is pushed into the backstage. And the turning and focal point of this moment in time are the “Great Ones”, who, vigilant until the last sequence and unimpressed by the snap-shots of time, pave the way for the dissolution of this temporary world, and for the new world prepare the path for its appearance.




The Nature of Grace




This Grace seeks its equal in Creation, and thereby the divine Grace fulfills itself in and through human Beings, which is: To create for all life the perfect conditions for growth!Therein divine Grace is expressed.Therefore Grace is not only the miracle, which happens when you least expect it, but Grace is God’s mandate to offer to all life exactly the conditions for its growth, which it also needs for its growth. 




And the high souls in this world do it likewise to this divine Grace, because by passing through the world of illusions on human legs, they enable growth due to their Love, and the “Great Ones” and God offer this to unconscious human Beings until the end of time.Great dedication and unconditional Love makes this possible, and you light warriors of the first and last hours, you, who are the “Old Souls”, are filled with it.


这个世界中的高级灵魂也会像神圣恩典那样行动,因为通过作为人通过幻象的世界,他们根据自己的爱来授予成长,而伟大之人和神把这个成长提供给人类直到时间的尽头。伟大的奉献和无条件之爱使之成为可能,你,第一时刻与最后时刻的光战士,你 老灵魂,被它所充满


The time of upheavals is over for those, who have attained clarity in self, have created life and have established love.




Behind the veil the divine Light visibly breaks through and it penetrates all levels.The new world reveals itself, which was created by you and was breathed into reality; perfected and ready in order to separate from this galaxy and enter into the Light.With you, who have fulfilled, who were selected, with you, who have arrived.




To understand the Now




Who understands the Now has understood everything, who is deprived of the Now, can barely interpret the events in this world.




Because in the understanding or simultaneity of all life and all your lives lies the key for this as well as for all times and beyond that. Eternity has neither beginning nor end and you return there, because you yourself have neither beginning nor end.




Those, who know it, are blessed, because until the last of all days they wring deep meaning from this world. Ascension and descent of many worlds occur in the Now. Once you have recognized this, the waiting for ascension ends, because it ends in the Now.




Have you understood my child?




How much I love you.









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